how to know if you have a concussion

how to know if you have a concussion

how do you know if you have a concussion?
symptoms of a concussion?
concussion symptoms adults? So let’s know everything about it.

how to know if you have a concussion
how to know if you have a concussion
how to know if you have a concussion

So do you know this? Or is a mild concussion classified as a traumatic brain injury? Any way you injure your head can cause a head concussion, but it depends on the injury and the circumstances. A blow to your head from playing, falling off a bicycle, or a car accident or motorcycle accident can also cause a traumatic brain injury that can cause it to move around the head.

Many people do not recognize concussions. Also, if an accident happens, they do not take treatment by ignoring it. But it cannot rule out the possibility of trouble in the future. Modern research has found that sustaining a single concussion can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or dementia. So, in case of any such injury, please consult a doctor on time.

In the event of an accident, if the following symptoms appear, go to the hospital immediately.

When an accident occurs, our body shows many symptoms, but some of these symptoms appear after a few weeks or months. So, if you’re recovering from an accident, keep a close eye on yourself and get to the hospital as soon as possible. Also, if you feel disoriented and feel different mentally, frequent headaches and sudden seizures are important symptoms of a concussion. Another important example of trauma is dementia. Not being able to remember events before or after the accident can also be a problem.

Let’s look at some more symptoms of a concussion: dizziness and feeling like you’ve lost your balance while walking. Fainting or dimming the face is also a sign of trauma. After an accident, you may feel lethargic or sleepy for a few days. You are no longer nauseated or vomiting. If the symptoms of slurred speech are found, please go to the hospital immediately and get treatment, as your life is important.

loss of awareness or consciousness of your body. In the case of concussion, the main symptom that your body will show in a few days is your clear loss. If you feel like you are losing consciousness, go to your doctor immediately and seek treatment. 
As your health improves, you or those close to you may notice a reduction in your previous irritability. You will feel less stressed and you will also get enough sleep. Your mood will improve.

But yes, now it’s important that if you know that you are traumatized after you go to your doctor for treatment, you should take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor on time, and what is the problem with following the regimen that you were told to follow for yourself? Follow that diet for sure. Your doctor will perform a neurological exam and cognitive testing to assess your brain function and skills. He or she will also undergo imaging tests, such as a CT scan, to look for any life-threatening bleeding, swelling, or fractures in the skull.

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You will feel completely better in a few weeks. But for that, the advice given by the doctor should be followed. Your doctor may suggest the following:

First of all, you should not lie down for a long time or stay in bed for a long time without doing some movement. Also, don’t talk to any friends for too long. Don’t read books for a long time and don’t use a computer. You can’t rule out the possibility of damaging your brain. Another important thing is that you should not go outside for a long walk or take a car so that you will suffer more. Because both physical and mental rest are important in the first few days after your accident,
Over time, your doctor may advise you to do some light exercise depending on your condition. So you too should not exercise too much, thinking that you are fully recovered.

Unless you are fully recovered and your doctor tells you that you are fully recovered. You should not return to sports or heavy exercise until then. Returning to sports before you are fully recovered increases your risk of another head injury. A second injury before the first has healed can have life-threatening consequences. 
So this was information on how to recognize the signs of a concussion.

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